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Mr. Kunz

Kevin Kunz
Superintendent / 9-12 Principal

Update on Events/Programs

Outlined below are some details regarding some upcoming events and other potential programs.  


Driver’s Education

Our goal is to offer a driver’s education program this summer. Based upon the current situation we have determined that we will wait until the early portion of June to make a final decision on the program. This will give us a few weeks to assess the COVID-19 situation and determine if offering a driver’s education program is in the best interests of our students and staff.

Should we determine that offering the program will work, we would tentatively look at offering the classroom portion of the program in early July with the driving portion to take place over the course of the end of July and beginning of August. We will provide more information regarding this program in early June.   


School-Sponsored Events

As a result of the Governor’s Executive Order issued in early April, all school-sponsored events set to take place between now and May 31st have been canceled, with the exception of graduation, which will be outlined below. We will be exploring potential alternative options for prom; however, nothing is official, nor we will begin to explore those options until the end of this month.   



On Monday, May 11th we finalized the plans for this year’s graduation activities. We do not anticipate any changes to the plans at this point; however, please understand that the entire COVID-19 situation has dictated that challenges can present themselves in a very short period of time, so we will continue to keep everyone informed if something regarding our current plans should change.

The graduation ceremony, which will be held at 2:00 PM on Saturday, May 16th (Sunday, May 17th at 2:00 PM being the make-up date and time should we encounter inclement weather) will be closed to the public. The ceremony will only be open to family members (immediate and extended family) of our graduates. Based upon a survey that was completed by the senior class last week, we anticipate approximately 200 attendees, which we believe we can safely accommodate based upon the physical layout we will be using for the ceremony at the track complex/football field.

There will be designated areas marked on the football field for both immediate and extended family members. The areas closest to the football stadium (graduation stage) will be reserved for immediate family members (parents and siblings) of the graduates during the ceremony.  Extended family members of the graduates will be allowed to utilize designated areas on the football field, outside of the area designated for immediate family members. All areas will be clearly marked for your convenience. We ask that you please abide by the layout and guidelines that we have set forth regarding spectator seating in order to ensure the appropriate social distancing.  

Please keep in mind that the ceremony will be streamed on YouTube and will also be available for access on Channel 90 for those that utilize Golden West as a cable provider. More details regarding the YouTube stream of the graduation ceremony will be provided on the Freeman School District website later in the week.

The ceremony will be followed by a parade of the graduates around the town of Freeman. We have secured golf carts from Mr. Golf Cart in Springfield, SD that the graduates will be driving in the parade. A map of the parade route can be found at the bottom of this page.

On the evening of Saturday, May 16th at 9:00 PM we will be hosting a drive-in event in the school parking lot at which we will be showing the recording of the graduation ceremony from earlier in the day and also showing the senior class PowerPoint.

We are asking that you please use common sense and sound judgement in determining whether you or your family members should attend any of our district’s graduation activities.  Individuals that are at a higher risk for developing serious illness as a result of COVID-19 should strongly consider taking the necessary safety precautions to ensure their good health and well-being. Additionally, we ask that everyone planning to attend our district’s graduation activities please adhere to all Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Department of Health (DOH) guidelines for social distancing.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we have worked to make this year’s graduation activities as safe as possible for our community. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at 925-4214.


Thank you, and please stay safe!

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