District News

Amendments to 2020-2021 Spectator Plan

On Monday, September 14th, the Freeman School Board took official action to approve the following amendments to Tier 1 (Green) of the Freeman School District Fall Activities Plan:

  • All adults may attend home events held indoors(no passes required as was previously the case).
  • Students in grades 9-12 may attend home events held indoors (student ID required for admission). These must be Freeman students or students from the opposing team.
  • Siblings of rostered participants may attend home events (pass required for admission).
  • Children younger than 9th grade will not be granted admission to an event unless they are a sibling of a rostered participant (must possess a pass).
    • Students participating in middle school events will be required to leave the building following the completion of their event when that event is followed by a high school event (unless they possess a pass as outlined above).